Services We Offer



Personalized Reiki Session in office
A holistic method of relaxation, healing, and balancing on all levels:  

physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual 

Can be used safely with any age:  

~ Infants ~ Children ~ Adults ~ Seniors ~

Medical Reiki

Medical Reiki

Reiki is adaptable to any environment or situation. 

We meet the patient wherever they are in the treatment process, including hospital rooms, chemotherapy suites, rehabilitation facilities, hospice, 

or at home for those unable to travel.

Workplace Wellness with Reiki

Workplace Wellness

We offer Stress Relieving Work Place Wellness Events
Customized for your team  

  • Lunch and Learn Basic Introduction to Reiki
  • Take a Break Reiki Sessions 
  • Plus More...

Reiki Classes


Reiki Classes for Everyone including Patients and Caregivers.

Reiki  is easy to learn.
After our one day Level One Class you will be a
Certified Reiki Practitioner, ready to give a Reiki treatment to yourself,
family, friends and pets too.