Workplace Wellness With Reiki


Due to workplace and personal demands, many companies and their employees do not make time for restorative health practices such as Reiki.

We at Reiki For Wellness understand current stressful demands of the work environment, acknowledging that stress is the number one cause of dis-ease, unhappiness, aging and frustration among employees.

We offer stress relieving Workplace Wellness Events that can be customized for your team:

  • Lunch and Learn Basic Introduction to Reiki
  • Take a Break Reiki Sessions 

Lunch and Learn Basic Introduction to Reiki

Participants will learn how Reiki works, how a session is conducted, what results you can achieve, and how Reiki is being used as a complementary therapy in healthcare. Short Reiki sample treatments can be given, depending on participant size. May also include a short guided 'Reiki Infused' meditation and other stress relieving techniques that participants can use everyday

Take a Break Reiki Sessions

Individual 10-15 minute Reiki Treatments to help reduce stress, increase concentration, and balance the emotions. It can often help employees to gain a more positive outlook about their work, be more tolerant of co-workers, and get through their day with less emotional disruption. Employees can be treated in a chair right at their work stations or in a chair in a break room area or quiet space if available.