Medical Reiki


Reiki is one of the top 3 Complementary Therapies requested in hospitals today.

The benefits patients, nurses and doctors are reporting continues to drive the rapid expansion and integration of Reiki in healthcare across the world.

Miri and Tammy are Certified Medical Reiki Masters with extensive experience offering  Reiki as a complementary therapy in the healthcare setting. We will work with you to provide a personalized plan on how to integrate Reiki into your plan of care.

We meet the patient wherever they are in their treatment process, including hospital rooms, chemotherapy suites, rehabilitation facilities, pre/post operatively, hospice, or at the patients home - for those unable to travel. 

  • Reiki is adaptable to any environment or situation and integrates seamlessly for patients in the healthcare setting
  • These sessions are customized for each individual patient 
  • Reiki helps to support the patient while undergoing or recovering from any type of medical intervention
  • Reiki is a non-invasive practice that facilitates the patients’ own innate healing

We are happy to provide a complimentary phone consultation to answer any questions you have about a Reiki Treatment in the hospital, at home or wherever the patient is

Cost for a Reiki Treatment for clients in their home or onsite at the healthcare facility. 

  • Medical Reiki sessions are $100. This includes up to 20 miles of travel allowance and
    45 minutes of Reiki 
  • Additional mileage and treatment time -  $25/per 15 minutes 

Sliding scale for payment is available for extenuating circumstances.  

We believe everyone deserves access to healing and we will do our best to accommodate special needs.