Miri Klements


Miri Klements is a Certified Medical Reiki Master and  Usui-Holy Fire ll  Reiki Master Teacher.  

She is also a Coach specializing in Self-Compassion and Self-Acceptance. 

You will currently find Miri at Levine Children's Hospital and the Levine Pediatric Cancer, Blood Disorders and Bone Marrow Transplant Clinic, offering the calming, nurturing, supporting, treatment of Reiki to the children there.  She also offers Reiki treatments to patients at the Levine Specialty Clinic for Rheumatology and on the Pediatric Rehab Unit.

"I am passionate and compassionate about supporting patients and families navigating through the overwhelm, stress, anxiety, pain and exhaustion of a diagnosis of cancer or other life altering illness.  

Reiki Treatments offer an Oasis of Peace and Calm and are especially helpful with reducing pain, anxiety, stress and the side effects of chemo and sleep issues. 

Nothing thrills my heart more than hearing a parent who has brought her child to the clinic for a sick visit say  "Thank you. This is the first time she has smiled today, "  or the parent of the child in the hospital who says after I've completed the Reiki treatment - "She has just been so agitated. Thank you. This is the most relaxed she has been all day. "   And when a child's pain is less or gone - that is the best!! 

"Miri brings new meaning to the word peace and is a sea of calm in a chaotic world. I have watched her soothe many an anxious soul with her voice, her energy work and her presence. "TL-Counselor, DMin, MS, LCPC, BCC RYT

I have given Reiki treatments to infants, children, teens and adults in the hospital, infusion suites, in their own homes or in my office - supporting those struggling with chronic illnesses or those recovering from surgery or in rehab.

In the summer of 2017  Miri was a  Reiki practitioner in a Pilot Study for ‘Finding Alternatives to Opiates for Pain Management’ at CMC Main (Carolinas Healthcare System, now Atrium Health), where she provided Reiki treatments to patients on the Trauma Surgery Units to assist with their pain management.  Reiki was often a very successful alternative to opiates for pain, anxiety and sleep."  

Miri was the Director of  the Reiki Program at the Regional Cancer Center and Co-Coordinator of the Energy Therapies Program for Frederick Memorial Hospital in Frederick, MD before moving to Charlotte.  At the Cancer Center she offered Reiki to patients at different stages of their treatment and was also invited to give patients Reiki during their IV Therapy.  Please click on the Testimonials page to read what some of these patients shared about their experiences with Reiki . 

My passion is to help you feel better - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually -
because you can and you deserve this.

Services Miri Provides

  • Reiki Treatments to help with the stress, pain, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, exhaustion as you navigate through the challenges of
    - a life altering illness like cancer
    - a chronic illness like lupus, parkinsons   
    - an illness that has not been clearly diagnosed
    - chronic pain
    - recovery from surgery

  • Coaching and Energy Balancing to help you get unstuck in your life so you can move beyond your limitations into a life of greater Ease, Joy, Self Acceptance, Self Compassion,  and Freedom. 

If you are interested in learning more about Miri's Transformational Coaching please contact Miri for  a free phone consultation.  Miri's email and phone information are below.    

Contact Miri

Office: SouthEast Charlotte-Matthews


Trish, Charlotte NC

  I knew the kind of work Miri did -  Reiki and Coaching - but I didn’t think she could help me with the chronic neck and back pain I had been having for a few months. The doctors could not find a specific cause – or cure.  After a particularly painful day, and even though I was reluctant to do ANYTHING that required movement, I agreed to meet with Miri,  and decided to see her for a few sessions. 

What I didn’t expect was the complete transformation I experienced in just a few months. After a few sessions, my pain diminished. After a few more, I had full mobility and no pain at all. I had also grown to live with headaches and chronic stomach pain. These are gone too.



As a person dealing with Parkinson's, I know that each day can present it's own challenges. Reiki can not only help the physical symptoms, but can transform your perspective of yourself and the disease. Miri has done this for me and I would recommend her without reservation. 

I was recuperating fairly well following my hip replacement, except for a nagging pain in my back. After my Reiki session with Miri, the pain in my back was gone.  I felt completed relaxed and rejuvenated.  I would recoment Miri  to anyone. 

M.R . 

I previously had chronic neck pain that was creeping into my back. I only needed to see Miri once for that to completely dissipate. If I'm honest, it began to feel better when we first sat down to start our conversation, such is the deep intuition and love that she exudes.
Thank you, Miri! 


I feel like I’m a flower unfolding in the warm sun of your love and caring. I am always nurtured and feel cared in a healing session with you. 

Debra Spottts – Registered Yoga Instructor, Healing Touch Practitioner



Miri helped my mother tremendously when she was diagnosed with cancer. She was not ready to die and Miri did energy work and sat and talked with her to help her with her fears.  Miraculously, after a few months the doctors declared that the cancer was in remission. I know Miri was instrumental in helping my mother through this difficult period so that when it was her time to pass, she was much more comfortable.