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Four Reasons Reiki Belongs in Hospitals


"...A study at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut that indicated that Reiki improved patient sleep by 86%, reduced pain by 78%, reduced nausea by 80 % and reduced anxiety during pregnancy by 94%. These statistics indicate that Reiki can be used to treat pain and discomfort as effectively, if not more, than many pharmaceuticals on the market. Reiki can also help patients recover from surgery faster than normal treatments.....

Reiki Brought A Calmness to Every Person with Parkinsons


"... I am confident that if I hadn’t learned about Reiki and incorporated it into my life, I would be much worse off than I am today.
I use it to keep myself calm and relaxed, reduce or stop dyskinesia, clear my head, keep balanced in my mind and body, and even get a good night’s sleep, " shares Karl Robb

How Reiki Helps a Child With Cancer and his mom too


 "My nine year old son Michael was diagnosed with AML leukemia. After his bone marrow transplant he was initially healthy and flourishing. Then he became extremely sick. Michael’s nurses encouraged him to try Reiki.   
I was desperate for my son to feel better. As I watched my son’s nurse start his Reiki treatment, I saw a calmness wash over him immediately. "

Reiki For Stroke Victims


"...However, many stroke patients who have undergone Reiki sessions have reported that they found the treatment helpful. For example, one stroke patient reported that, after a stroke left her paralyzed on the left side of her body, a single Reiki treatment administered in the hospital helped her to move the fingers on her left hand for the first time since coming to the emergency room..."

Reiki For Seniors


"...The growing numbers of seniors who have tried Reiki respond quickly to it – most seniors become enthusiastic about the treatment after only one session. Reiki helps chemotherapy patients relax, for example, or feel more comfortable after a surgical procedure. The healing power of touch brings the warmth of Reiki energy into stiff shoulders or sore feet, even for seniors who are normally sensitive to touch..."

From IARP......Reiki and Breast Cancer


"...A breast cancer diagnosis is one of the most difficult situations someone can face. The pain, stress and trauma involved are unparalleled, and patients dealing with this condition need all of the comfort and support they can get. Recently, many breast cancer patients have become interested in the idea of using Reiki to help with the symptoms of this condition..."

Reiki For Cancer Patients


At Penn Medicine Abramson Cancer Center Reiki is offered for patients undergoing treatment for cancer, because the stress can be overwhelming.  
Reiki is an easy addition and it helps many cancer patients handle the stress of  treatment.  
Most people know that rest and sleep are critical components for allowing the body to heal. One of the most commonly reported benefits is that Reiki sessions help them sleep better."

Reiki For Breast Cancer Patients


  "...Part of Bridgeport Hospital and Yale New Haven Health, the Norma Pfriem Breast Center has served more than 30,000 women and their families since it was established in 1999…  The Breast Center also provides comprehensive women’s wellness services, including ... Reiki therapy."

Oncology Nurse Finds Reiki


Kristen Nicastro, RN, BNS, OCN shares -   

I have had some very effective and powerful experience with one alternative therapy - Reiki -  for treating the side effects and emotional aspects of cancer with my oncology patients.


How Reiki Helped me Before AND After My Surgery



"I felt a great deal of mental anxiety after having two major abdominal surgeries in three days. The physical pain and stress were significant. It was difficult to breathe, sleep or relax the tension in my body. When Mira Shukla [Reiki master] visited me in the hospital and described Reiki, my wife and I were skeptical, but I decided it certainly could not hurt to try it.

My wife and I were amazed at the difference it made immediately."

Well known 'Doctor' is an advocate for Reiki



Patrick Dempsey, actor, cancer advocate and Breakaway from Cancer® Ambassador, discusses complementary therapies that can help patients with cancer, such as yoga and REIKI.  

 These were some of the tools that his late mother used while going through ovarian cancer. Now Dempsey offers them at the Dempsey Center, which he founded to improve the lives of those affected by cancer. 

Reiki Helps to Calm and Release Her Extreme Anxiety



"I worked as a staffer in the U.S. Senate in Washington, D.C., for several years… But by the time I first received Reiki… I had massive anxiety. I was constantly worrying, doubting, stressing, and feeling nervous and agitated. There was a lot going on in my life, and it weighed on me in the form of immense physical back pain…" 


'Reiki in Hospitals and Cancer Centers'

Video created by Miri Klements,
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