Reiki and Parkinson's Disease


Reiki Can-

⦁ Stop or temporarily Reduce Tremor

⦁ Alleviate Pain

⦁ Lower Blood Pressure 

⦁ Relax Tight and Tense Muscles

⦁ Release Stress and Increase Calmness

⦁ Increase Energy

For those navigating the effects of Parkinson's Disease...

Reiki is a complementary therapy with no side effects that can enhance daily life of the patient and also their caregivers.


When Parkinson's patients experience a Reiki session for themselves they are often amazed at the relaxing effects that Reiki can bring to their bodies, mind and emotions. We often see dyskinesia and tremors reduced or stop completely during the Reiki session and effects of dystonia are often relaxed.

Often Caregivers feel helpless and overwhelmed with the responsibility of helping to care for their partner. Caregivers and Parkinson's patients find it very beneficial to learn how to give Reiki themselves and each other. Training in Reiki can be very empowering and allows for you to give the gift of relaxation and support to each other with very little effort

Parkinson's Testimonials

"...During our sessions I noticed a healing calmness coming to me through Miri's loving compassionate touch. My tremors would subside and there was stillness which was beyond words for me... I looked forward to our monthly sessions because I always experience healing in some way...As a person dealing with Parkinson's, I know that each day can represent it's own challenges. Reiki can not only help the physical symptoms, but can transform your perspective of yourself and the disease. Miri has done this for me and I would recommend without reservation. - C.C.

"After Ten Minutes All My Stress Was Gone!

Thank you for your presentation on Reiki for our Parkinson’s Support Group. Thank you for using me to demonstrate how to give Reiki is given to a client. Ten minutes was all it took and I noticed that all my stress was gone. I also realized that when my tremor came back, it was not at the same level it was before. In fact, it never returned to that level again. For me the stress is the hardest part of having Parkinson’s; Reiki helped! 11/2016

"No Tremor for Two Days! 

If it hadn’t happened to me I would not have believed it was possible. After you gave me Reiki at the Parkinson’s Support Group Presentation on Reiki – I had no tremor for two days and when it came back, it was not as strong as before. I look forward to discovering how Reiki is going to make my life easier and better. 11/2016