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Childhood Leukemia BJ's Story

"BJ was a brave warrior. He courageously fought aggressive leukemia for 3 ½ years, from the age of 11...BJ was in pain all over his body. The leukemia was so packed in his bone marrow, that it caused bone pain. It was hard for him to sleep...Doctors never suggested Reiki. During each Reiki session BJ would fall asleep. 

BJ said that Reiki just made him feel, so relaxed that he would just fall asleep. I’m so grateful for those moments of peace, of sleep, of escape from the pain and reality of cancer.

 BJ passed away just 2 days after his 15th birthday, on March 6,2016..."Watching this process, and how it helped BJ completely relax and sleep convinced me that there is something to be said about Reiki as a complementary treatment to medicine. I can't explain it, but it works. If you or someone you love is in pain, has trouble relaxing or sleeping.

I encourage you to contact Reiki For Wellness. Tammy Schoolcraft is amazing-BJ's Mother -Michelle Love April 2016

My debilitating pain is gone. I have my life back! Thank you Miri!

In 2014, I started to have ongoing stomach pain and intermittent migraines. As the issues progressed into 2015, I sought the help of several doctors. Several invasive tests later, there was no “problem”. In the early fall of 2015, I started to get severe pain in my upper back and neck. 

After 2 months of this pain and several tests later, there was again no “problem” to be found. The pain started to radiate down my right arm and limited my mobility so severely that I could hardly drive a car or lead my life. I was in constant pain. I was taking 3 different muscle relaxers, 2 types of pain relievers to numb the pain. The doctor suggested surgery, but without any guarantees. I started to see a therapist to help me manage some depressive thoughts and keep myself going. Though she was a nice person, her efforts were rudimentary at best. 

I knew the kind of work Miri did - coaching and Reiki - but I didn’t think she could help me. After a particularly painful day, and even though I was reluctant to do ANYTHING that required movement, I agreed to meet with Miri and at least explore the idea that she could offer some relief.

What I didn’t expect was the complete transformation I experienced in just a few months. After a few sessions, my pain diminished. After a few more, I had full mobility and no pain at all. I had grown to live with headaches and chronic stomach pain. These are gone too.

Working with Miri helped me address the root causes of my pain and other areas of my life that were stuck and immobilized. Miri showed me the parts of myself I had put away a long time ago. I found strength, patience and resolve for myself that I didn't ever think was attainable, so I never bothered to try. My approach to many areas of my life has changed. Our language is far too feeble to accurately convey how much my work with Miri has impacted my life. I feel more like myself and I love that. I am better physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. It is with the highest respect and without reservation that I’d recommend Miri’s services to anyone who needs to break through what is holding them back and discover how to nurture your true self. 

Trish-Charlotte, Feb 2016

Tammy is a gifted and skilled Reiki master...

Tammy is a gifted and skilled Reiki master. She truly has healing in her hands! Her skill and compassion work together beautifully to relieve pain and ease the mind. ~ Margaret B. - Mint Hill NC

Workplace Wellness

Teammate Reiki- "Thank you so much for coming to my office and offering Reiki to our team. WHAT AN AMAZING GIFT you ladies have! Everyone spoke so highly of their experience! Thank you for your time in coming and helping everyone relax!...Thank you so much!.." Mary- CMC Clinical Care Management

Cancer patients who received Reiki under the Reiki Program directed by Miri Klements in Frederick,MD

"Reiki during my chemotherapy infusion" 

“I came home afterwards my chemo infusion, laid down on the couch, and peacefully slept for 2 hours! I haven’t done that until today and I KNOW that it is because you shared Reiki with me. Usually the steroids keep me a little hyper and mentally uncomfortable for a few days. Even with the cramped and busy conditions of the IV Therapy Center, I could feel a strong, peaceful feeling coming through your hands. Again, Thank You!” 


"Reiki offered me a time of escape from the realities of cancer treatments. "

Reiki offered me release from a scarred body with limits, from a body with pain. Reiki gifted me with a return to a youthful state of health, optimism and hope. The very first time I had a session with Miri – I experienced a tremendous release of so much of the emotional baggage I had been carrying.”


“This is my first time back in 3 weeks. I have not gone this long without Reiki since I began last March... I noticed a big difference in my symptoms since I have been without Reiki. My hand and foot syndrome from my Doxil treatment is bad now – very painful. This was not the case during the aftermath of my last treatment when I received Reiki throughout my Doxil treatment. Then I had NO symptoms. …Having Reiki available here (in addition to your chemo) makes it feel like the whole Cancer Center is working towards your health in every way and that your emotional needs are valued and addressed.” M.A., 2/26/08


"Thank God for Reiki !" 

For me, being diagnosed with breast cancer was as if: “One day I was taking a beautiful hike in Colorado. I was enjoying my life on a sunny day. But suddenly I stumbled and fell into the raging Colorado River. I tried to swim and keep my head above the water; but the swift rapids kept carrying me downstream towards places unknown and scary. I bounced off of rocks and was sucked under the water. I kept reaching for the riverbank; but I could not climb out of that river!”

Everything happens so fast after a positive cancer diagnosis. Before the patient can digest the news it is necessary to complete more tests, endure a surgery or two, then meet with more new doctors and discuss a frightening treatment plan. My head was spinning and although everyone was telling me that I could do this and that I would be all right, fear and anxiety was taking control.

The Reiki Practitioners who offer their skills at the Cancer Center reached out to me and pulled me out of that raging, scary river. I remember the first time I walked into my first Reiki session. I really did not know what to expect; but I could feel sincere warmth and comfort from the Reiki staff. I believe that the human touch is very powerful; and by laying warm, caring hands on me… the Reiki Volunteers immediately helped me to relax. The fearful messages that were in my mind were replaced with “Peace,” “Hope,” “Calm,” “Health.”

After that first Reiki session, I knew that I had discovered something that was good for me. In fact, during that next week I noticed that as I did my daily household chores.... I found myself “humming” some of my favorite songs. I hadn’t hummed in years! And later after the second Reiki session, I started sleeping and resting more peacefully at night and felt genuinely better about my entire self.

…I am now continuing my chemotherapy treatments in a more calm and peaceful manner. And, I have done this without any of the usually prescribed anxiety drugs. I have learned how to take deep breaths and calm myself naturally. The more Reiki sessions that I have and the more I practice relaxing, the easier it is to remain in a peaceful state of mind. 

Any patient who is open to try Reiki will find a gentle, non-invasive and practical healing therapy. Reiki is restoring the balance to my body, my mind and my soul. 

Thank you, 

K.F. Frederick, MD

Reiki helps a Parksinson's Patient

I first heard about Miri Klements and her healing work in 2008. I was experiencing a tremor in my left hand, which later would be diagnosed as Parkinson's, and I was very interested in experiencing and learning Reiki. I found Miri to be an excellent teacher as she led me through Reiki levels 1 and 2, and I would recommend her wise and intuitive teaching to anyone who is challenged by a medical issue such as Parkinson's.

During our sessions I noticed a healing calmness coming to me through Miri's loving, compassionate touch. My tremors would subside and there was a stillness which was beyond words for me. I tried a few other Reiki providers who were located closer to my home, but Miri's unique healing gifts are incomparable. I looked forward to our monthly sessions because

I always experienced healing in some way. And I could share my feelings openly and honestly without fear of judgment. One of Miri's greatest gifts is compassionate understanding.

As a person dealing with Parkinson's, I know that each day can present it's own challenges. Reiki can not only help the physical symptoms, but can transform your perspective of yourself and the disease. Miri has done this for me and I would recommend her without reservation. C.C.


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